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The Low FODMAP Diet Made Simple

In a world where digestive issues are becoming more and more prevalent by the day, diets that address symptoms of digestive stress are worth talking about. One such diet is the Low FODMAP Diet. While you may have heard the term “FODMAP” before, you may not know exactly what it means. Even if your doctor has recommended you try it out, it can be overwhelming to get started- not to mention tricky to follow. Which is where this week’s blog post comes in! In addition to providing

Gut-Brain Axis: The Future of Modern Medicine

As you can probably tell by now, Erin and I are a little obsessed with the gut. It all began at the beginning of last year when we enrolled ourselves into the Institute of Integrative Nutrition following our annual primary care conference. Post conference, we both were convinced that there HAD to be a better way for our patients to heal themselves. A way that did not involve prescribing potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs or having the generic “you need to change your di

Prebiotics: What They Are and Why You Need Them

While probiotic rich foods and supplements are rapidly gaining popularity in the health and wellness sphere, they are not the only things to consider when it comes to the health of our gut. Prebiotics, also known as the foods that feed the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system, are extremely beneficial (necessary!) for overall health. Unfortunately, prebiotics are often under-appreciated and are seriously lacking in the average American’s diet. Which is why we felt it w