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Travel Fit

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Summer is quickly approaching. And with that comes travel plans and a plethora of food and drink temptations. While vacations are loads of fun, staying on track with your fitness and nutrition while traveling is a HUGE challenge. With these challenges in mind, I am devoting this week’s blog post to sharing some tips and tricks for making your next getaway your healthiest one yet!

1. Plan Ahead– Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a car or on a plane before thinking about what you’re going to eat. Chances are, the options by that point aren’t exactly healthy and you’re going to have no choice but to stuff a bag of pretzels down your throat… or starve. If you’re traveling by car pack a cooler ahead of time with some easy to prep, healthy snacks like hard-boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, and pre-portioned bags of unsweetened dried fruit and nuts. When it comes to air travel, fruit and nut mixes, Larabars, and Rx Bars are great options that are easy to pack and won’t get you pulled over in the security line. If you are in a position where you don’t have any snacks, find a Starbucks and go for either the spinach-feta egg white wrap, oatmeal, or egg white cups. While not perfect, they are definitely one of the better options out there!

2. Stay Hydrated– Traveling is notorious for making you dehydrated! Keep that in mind that a lot of the hunger that you feel on the road is actually “thirst” pains. Beat the mindless snacking by keeping a filled water bottle on hand at ALL TIMES while you’re traveling. And check out last week’s blog post for more tips on how to stay well hydrated!

3. Research Before You Leave– When looking for a hotel or place to stay be sure to think ahead and make sure that where you are staying has a gym. If you don’t have a choice, bring along some home workout videos so that you can work out in your room (check out our “Fitness Favorites” for our favorite portable workout options). If you are a walker or runner, check in with the hotel concierge to see if they offer guided running/walking groups and maps of the area. Running and walking are also great ways to explore and see some of the local sights!

4. Loosen Up– Moderation is key here. Ease up on your diet and let yourself splurge a bit, but pick and choose your “splurge” meals. Don’t go crazy on breakfast, lunch, AND dinner- pick ONE! Have a drink or two by the pool but go with sparkling water with lime at dinner. Stick to fruit-infused water through the day but let yourself have a glass of wine or dessert at night. It’s all about balance! The same goes for your fitness routine. Vegetate by the pool one day but fit in a high intensity cardio session the next.

5. Change Your Mindset– Here’s the thing. We go on vacation to give ourselves a break from the mental and physical stresses of day to day life while nourishing the body and soul. I personally want to feel my best during these times. Slacking on sleep, not moving my body, and filling up on junk food and alcohol is NOT going to help me feel like my best. And I highly doubt it’s going to make you feel great either. Start viewing vacation as a time to pamper yourself both physically and mentally. Prioritize sleep, engage in activities that cultivate joy, fill up on fresh, health foods, and move your body. Try starting your morning with a workout and a healthy breakfast packed with fruit, healthy fats, and quality protein. This will put you in a healthy mindset and will make you want to maintain that feeling throughout the rest of the day. I’m not saying that you cannot indulge- refer back to the last tip- but approach your vacation with an intention to build UP your body versus breaking it down. And yes, that may involve balancing your healthy breakfast and morning beach yoga class with a Pina Colada by the pool.

6. Keep Your Gut Healthy– Time for some real talk. Traveling is one of the biggest triggers of a disrupted bowel routine. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to enjoy laying out in the beach in a bathing suit when you’re dealing with bloat and GI discomfort! While staying hydrated, filling up on fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and fitting in physical activity are your best tools for fighting vacation-induced digestive distress, supplements can also be helpful. I personally like to pack a high-quality probiotic (make sure to bring a form that does not require refrigeration), digestive enzymes, peppermint oil (can be both ingested and applied topically), and an assortment of digestive teas with gut-calming ingredients like ginger, fennel, and licorice root*. This one from Yogi Tea is a favorite! I also bring along a magnesium supplement as it can be calming and can help to keep things regular… if you know what I mean! I especially like This one from Natural Vitality.

Hopefully this was helpful and you are able to implement some of these tips and tricks on your next vacation. Traveling, indulging, and enjoying yourself does not have to mean putting your health on hold. In fact, prioritizing your health while on vacation is the best way to get the most from your travels and return home feeling like a healthier, happier version of YOU!

Continue to Follow Your Gut,


*avoid if you have high blood pressure

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