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Supplement Favorites


Amare FundaMentals

This is the first supplement system designed to target the gut-brain axis, aka the communication between the gut and the brain via various nerve pathways. The magnitude of the gut-brain relationship and its massive impact on overall health is just starting to gain recognition within the conventional medical community. This particular collection of supplements contains ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics, and phytonutrients that optimize this relationship, thereby improving gut health and mental wellness. We both take the FundaMentals daily have noticed huge improvements in both our digestive system and mental focus and clarity! 



A game changer- especially for those of us who experience stress-induced anxiety (not that we are speaking from experience…). This supplement contains ingredients such as Ashwaghanda, Rafuma, Kanna, and Magnolia Bark that have been shown to help the body adapt to stress, boost mood, and reduce feelings of anxiety. We always keep a bottle of this gem in our purses for those moments when stress gets the best of us!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

If you follow us on social media and read our blog, you will know that we are always singing the praises of collagen peptides. Vital Proteins is our go-to brand of collagen peptides and use quality sourced ingredients in their products. We also love the variety of formulations that they offer- everything from unflavored to matcha and dark chocolate! 



These little energy-boosting “grab & go” sticks are another staple in our purses and are perfect for combating that mid-afternoon slump! Energy+ contains ingredients such as Matcha, Guayusa, and New Zealand Pine Bark that help to calm the mind while enhancing mood and boosting energy levels- without the use of artificial flavors or sweeteners. AND they taste delicious!


Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the latest craze in nutrition and has taken the paleo and keto worlds by storm- and for good reason! Bulletproof coffee essentially refers to coffee made with healthy fats and is meant to both give you a slow, sustained release of fuel and to reduce cravings. This "Brain Octane Oil" from Bulletproof is made with what are called MCT oils, an energy source that is not stored as fat- rather is readily converted into fuel. We love this particular brand for the simple reason that it contains clean, 100% pure coconut oil.

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Just Thrive Probiotic

Just Thrive Probiotic is a spore-based probiotic that has been formulated to survive the digestive tract and contains a unique strain of probiotic, Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces antioxidants in the digestive system. We love that Just Thrive is a company that produces products backed by scientific evidence and is devoted to improving people's gut health!

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